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High Tech Options
Let your imagination be your guide. This is a wide-open area. Think about your garage. Imagine being in the house and programming your car to spin around to point out and be ready to drive! Sound like technology from the movies? Not a problem.

We have extensive expertise in local area computer networks (LANs), as well as high-speed internet service. Below are some high technology options to consider for your home.

Computer Based Home Management Systems
We can give you information on just about anything from the temperature to whether your child has turned on a television set.

Lighting Control System
If you are interested in something extraordinarily unique, consider looking at lighting controls by Lutron. The radio controlled switching system is a flexible and efficient method of turning on and off lights from anywhere in the home…or if you prefer, from anywhere in the world. Unlike other systems, this system runs without, but can interface with, a computer. Graphic eye room controllers lets you preset scenes in a room and change the lighting with the push of a button. We were one of the first in the area to use this type of switching and we think it is the best available.

Closed Circuit Cameras
Overt Systems
There are overt and covert closed circuit camera systems available. In most cases we suggest an overt application. A noticeable camera attached to your home deters an unwelcome visitor. By placing a camera in open view, you are putting the visitor on alert that you are aware of and possibly recording their movement. We suggest installing this type of closed circuit camera on all entry doors and along the driveway. Cameras are available in color or with a black and white picture. Some cameras are color during the day and automatically switch to black and white when light levels no longer support color.

Covert Systems
Some people want to catch the person driving on their lawn or not cleaning up after their dog. For this, we suggest using a covert camera application. We often install this type of camera in a nursery to not only give you viewing throughout the home, but also to let you record the caretaker when you are not home. There are endless options.

We suggest the use of professional grade equipment. It will provide years of dependable operation. We can set this up for viewing on any television in the home or any computer in the world. You see what the camera sees. A four-camera installation is most common and uses channels 106, 108,110 and 112. Satellite dishes can also be programmed for this use. With the addition of remote infrared controls, you can change channels on your satellite dish from anywhere in your home.

Stereo Installation Service
Walk into your home and turn on the stereo system. A professional will layout whatever you desire. If a home theater system is more your style, be assured, we can handle that job as well.

Alarm Systems
Alarm systems are another important feature to consider in a new home. Sure, you can buy a panel, one door contact, and a motion sensor for the commonly advertised price of $99, but is this safe enough for you? We have a trained and certified alarm installer at Viola Homes. Whether you are looking for a simple system to cover a few doors or if you prefer the security of a bank, we can install it.

Fiber Optic Lighting
Fiber optic lighting allows you to light a number of items from a single light source. Although it is used mostly in swimming pools, it can be used in landscaping and in-home lighting.

Phone Systems
We have a factory certified installer that can handle any phone system you desire. For example, the doorbell can ring into your home phone system. Answer the phone and talk to whoever is at the door. Perhaps you are unable to come downstairs and open the door for your key-forgetting family member. With this feature you can simply buzz them in from any phone in the house. Screaming is a thing of the past, simply hit the page button and use each phone as in intercom, the options are endless.