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"Why buy a new home?" Most home buyers ask themselves this question. Undoubtedly there are valid arguments for certain buyers to consider a pre-owned house, but there also are quite a few very important reasons that we feel make building a new home the best option. Following are a number of key advantages of new homes.

Livable Floor Plans – Featuring maximum light and spaciousness designed to meet your needs!

Imaginative Design – You can pick and choose the features that best meet you needs and budget, such as dramatic Entryways, souring ceilings, deluxe master bath, innovative windows, interior columns etc…

Lots of Light – A house filled with natural light bestows warmth, charm and uplifting feelings for those inside.
Skylights, transoms, half-rounds, taller double hung windows are just some of the ways that make new home look and feel More open.

Cost Saving Heating and Cooling – New homes consume half as much energy as homes built before 1980.

Thanks to more efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, controlled air infiltration, and improved insulation.

Fire and Safety Features – Hard-wired smoke detectors, circuit breakers, and ground fault interrupters make new homes a safer choice for concerned families.

Healthy Living Environment – When it comes to health risks, new homes offer clear advantages. Asbestos is no longer used in shingles, piping, cement board, roof tar, floor tiles or insulation. Lead is no longer used in paint or as solder.

For plumbing. Formaldehyde emissions from particleboard and hardwood plywood have also been eliminated.

Stronger, Quieter Construction – New building materials and new truss systems for roof and floors increase strength and make roof and floors quieter.

More Luxury – State of the art kitchens and baths you can help design. Kitchens have ample counter space and
Storage, island workstations, built-in pantry, task desk, breakfast bar, and recessed lighting. Luxurious bathrooms have Large vanities, enclosed showers, whirlpool tub, and separate dressing area.

Abundant Storage Space – Walk-in closets, built-in pantry and closet maid shelving allow you to customize your Storage areas to meet your needs.

Less Upkeep, Less Hassle, More Protection – With siding, windows and trim that never require painting,
New homes are easy to maintain and keep their fresh, attractive appearance. In a new home you have a new home warranty, plus all the manufacturers warranties that are not available in a re-sale home.

A New Home Will Age Well and Appreciate in Value – Your opportunity for appreciation is excellent.


When you buy someone else’s house you give up your weekends for months, even years, to make their house your home.